Sugar Substitutes | © Artificial Sweeteners Side Effects and Chart, Betty Kovacs Harbolic

The action of replacing someone, or something, with another person or thing; this is known as substitution. It’s an often-used tactic in life that can improve workplace endeavors, create new solutions, and better human health. Substitution can take place in a high school classroom (a substitute teacher), or on the…

The New Normal | Benjamin Randall, Breckenridge, CO

I’m taking life one word at a time.

I tried the whole, day-at-a-time thing that the health experts recommended, but I like this better.

It’s been stressful. It’s not very easy to go to school while COVID-19 runs rampant. Take it from me — I just completed my second semester…

Salt Point, Kashia Pomo Ancestral Lands | Instagram, @urbanclimbr. Captured by Jeff Rueppel

Smell that? Those fresh scents, consisting of subtle notes of cinnamon and pine, reminiscent of both Christmas Day memories and weeklong camping trips. Boots crunch through fresh layers of snow, leaving behind loud thumps, yet soft footprints. …

Patrice Palmer, speaking at TEDxCSU in June, 2020 | YouTube

Meet Patrice Palmer (they/them/theirs), Director of Social and Cultural Inclusion at Colorado State University, DEI Specialist for New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as the CEO at eROOT Consulting, LLC.

Patrice is a voice for Trans…

Bike Rides for Black Lives | Courtesy of Alisha Zellner

The Sugar Beets Cycling Team | © Jillian Betterly

Have you ever seen a sugar beet?

No, not the kind of beet that is so hilariously touted as the lifelong passion of Dwight Schrute, in the popular American sitcom, The Office — no, not that kind of red, subtle tasting beet.

This kind of beet is longer, notably white in character, containing a sky-high concentration of…

Cycling faces adversity due to COVID-19, but shockingly prevailed | Pixabay

I went out on a date recently. We had met virtually, of course, and were ready to take the next step into real-world interaction — something so inexplicably alien to our quarantined-filled summer. I stood awkwardly in her driveway as she hesitantly sauntered down concrete steps; both of us clearly…

(Cyclists compete in Fort Collins | Photo by Markus Spiske)

Getting outside, spending time with friends, and adventuring around our local area — these traits have been ingrained in all of us since our childhood. It’s inherently rooted in ourselves to want to adventure and thrill-seek, and those urges were brought to the forefront for many by the emergence of…

Benjamin S Randall

Journalist by day, triathlete by night. Fulbright Scholar, science communicator, & podcaster. Listen here:

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